About Us

Who and what is All Beef?

All Beef is simply a producer owned genetics business that helps independent seedstock providers be competitive and stay at the cutting edge of industry improvement.  Highly screened candidate sires and donors need to be sampled widely, evaluated honestly and then the very best need to see extensive use.  The All Beef business is designed to promote that logical system and thus add value to the beef industry.  After all the base of potential profitability for the beef chain starts with the genetic package produced and offered to thousands of commercial cow/calf customers nationwide.

With the giant strides being made in genetic improvement technologies, the opportunity absolutely exists to pull away from the competition in terms of genetic value proposition.  Access to genetics of great value is key and may one day be more limited.  All Beef was designed to make sure the most improved and profit promoting cattle genetics in the world are available to meet the needs of this improving industry.

Reducing risk for independent seedstock producers is another core value of All Beef.  Great candidate genetics often have great purchase value assigned to them.  Some will absolutely live up to or exceed their early expectations others will fall woefully short.  Substantial investment in propositions with risk are difficult and may even be unwise for modest sized independent producers.  All Beef affords the opportunity for these seedstock providers to own a small percentage of many high value bulls and donors and take advantage of the privilege of reduced cost sampling and use.  Thus, much of the risk is abated, the probability of financial success is increased and access to those that prove to have great value for the future is insured.

All Beef L.L.C.

  1. Member Owned
  2. Genetic Advancement and Access
  3. Reduced Risk with Upside
  4. Improved Industry Profit from Improved Genetics
  5. Greater Success because we Believe in More Winners
  6. Average has Never Been Good Enough

All Beef and Allied Genetic Resources

  1. All Beef was created as a stand-alone entity with unique membership, but the business enjoys significant support from Allied Genetic Resources.
  2. The marketing options offered by Allied are absolutely available to All Beef owners and customers, because realizing the value of superior genetics are goals of both businesses.
  3. You will find semen available on most All Beef bulls through Allied’s distribution relationship with ORIgen Inc., Billings MT.
  4. All Beef too will benefit from its affiliation with the new Allied Partners “Confidence in Value” cattle feeding enterprise.

Opportunities to Become an All Beef Owner

  1. All Beef ownership is currently available for people or businesses interested in the cutting edge of the commercially focused beef genetics business.
  2. Reduced priced and priority access to semen and embryos are available to All Beef members.
  3. Priority partnership options on some elite genetics.
  4. Priority opportunities for seasonal or full time natural service rites on All Beef sires.
  5. Dividend opportunities based on the financial success of All Beef.
  6. Contact All Beef for more information on how you can become an All Beef member/owner or priority customer.

Proof of Value

  1. Using the latest in genetic evaluation and DNA technology to drive progress.
  2. No box data promotion. Third party validated proof of value.
  3. Genetics sampled and proven both within the All Beef system and throughout the larger beef business.
  4. Maximum use of breed and line purpose with optimum promotion of heterosis at all levels.
  5. Selection for profit is a must for today’s beef industry and priority 1 for All Beef.
  6. Backed by one of the largest coordinated genetic nucleus populations in the world.


The beef genetics business is poised to change for the better like never before.  All Beef is designed to help producers get the most from that change while remaining both profitable and relevant for the long-term.

Call or email us for semen on any of the industry changing sires at All Beef or for embryos on our growing line-up of next generation donors.

Process, added technology and advanced marketing can absolutely add value down chain, but the profit potential for all participants is largely decided at conception.


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