All Beef – because average has never been good enough.

All Beef LLC is either a brand-new concept for a member owned genetic improvement company or it is simply a re-work of very good, decades old plans that were simply in need of a future focused overhaul.  Either way the plan is solid.  Identify the beef industry’s highest value candidate parents then execute a plan to be involved in the ownership of these genetic tools and promote their use for the future.

Today’s beef business is focused on improvement.

From one end of the beef chain to the other, a tradition of settling is being replaced by the realization that we can be better and more profitable.  Information transfer systems, once blocked by segmentation and limited by outdated technology are being replaced by a profit-based desire for more transparency and traceability.  This process of consistent improvement absolutely starts with better genetics.  There is little room in the future for below average because of the limitations it places on all industry participants.  No one really wants below average cows, below average performance and efficiency, below average grade, below average beef products or below average consumer experiences, let alone below average profitability.  Truly, none of these options has ever really been ok.  Now however we have the technology and tools necessary at all levels of the beef industry to create more value for all participants and help promote the financial success of our beef production system long into the future.